Are you considering your options for an enclosed porch or patio? Choose FlexiGlaze windows over glass windows for a highly durable and long-lasting home improvement investment in New Jersey and beyond. FlexiGlaze is the future of the window industry with extreme customizability and affordability for all homeowners in New Jersey. Let's get into some of the reasons why FlexiGlaze has taken the world by storm.

Why Is FlexiGlaze Superior to Glass Windows?

FlexiGlaze is a more durable product than traditional glass because it can withstand large impacts. Unlike glass, FlexiGlaze will not break, crack, or shake during extreme weather. This revolutionary material will return to its original shape if an object hits the FlexiGlaze structure.

When it comes to recreational investments like patio enclosures or enclosed porches, you want to make sure your space will be safe for years to come. If you plan on leaving your home for an extended period of time, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing FlexiGlaze is at work during hail, wind, and snow storms.

How Can FlexiGlaze Upgrade Your Patio Space?

Choosing to enclose your New Jersey patio or porch can transform your outdoor space into a four-season retreat. Choose FlexiGlaze for a virtually indestructible structure that can be heated or cooled for absolute comfort year-round. Enjoy the following benefits with FlexiGlaze:

  • Custom Colors: FlexiGlaze is available in different colors including clear, light grey, dark grey, and bronze to match your desired aesthetic.
  • Affordability: FlexiGlaze is more affordable when compared to traditional glass patio and porch enclosures, making your investment go further.
  • Warranty: FlexiGlaze is covered under a 10-year warranty which protects against cracking and material defects for security in your investment.
  • Easy Fabrication: When compared to glass enclosures, FlexiGlaze is easier to fabricate and customize to your specific dimensions, providing a faster installation.

Get a Free Design Consultation From DIY Porch Enclosures Today

DIY Porch Enclosures is your top choice for FlexiGlaze patio enclosure systems and patio room solutions. With decades of experience, our team is standing by to help you customize your new, durable indoor/outdoor space to enjoy for years to come. We specialize in a variety of custom systems to bring the outdoors in.

We offer DIY kits so you can save on your home improvement project by taking on the installation yourself. Our kits are available for nationwide delivery and come with a design consultation to get you started in the right direction. Contact us today to schedule your free FlexiGlaze design consultation in New Jersey or nationwide!