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Are you in the market for a new enclosure for your porch, deck, or patio? The local experts at DIY Porch Enclosures are here to help. Since we first opened our doors, our team has been designing and delivering custom porch enclosures for our New Jersey customers.

Along the way, we have earned the trust of many local homeowners with our durable and affordable designs. Are you ready to start designing your new enclosed porch? Our local experts are just a phone call away!

The Room with the Best View

More view and light is only possible with 4 track.

Enjoy your porch or patio more by retaining the most light and the largest unobstructed view. Your covered porch already has the ideal open view of your garden, so be very careful not to reduce your sight lines with the bulky frames of standard enclosure systems.

Only with 4 Track's slim porch system is the best view possible.

  • 4 Track's exclusive slim porch system gives you 6” of additional view per post when compared to enclosing it with a typical vinyl window.
  • Just 4 existing posts will block 24” of your existing view compared to 4 tracks slim porch system that virtually eliminates the obstructions.
  • Just imagine the view through full walls of floor-to-ceiling clear panes, rather than the smaller adjacent windows of most enclosure systems.
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Transform your outdoor living spaces as quickly as possible with our expedited delivery options.

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Enjoy the seasons in your beautifully designed enclosed patio - for a limited time save $1,000 off installation.

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Enjoy even greater savings on our already-affordable porch enclosure system.

Customer Testimonial

"I would recommend this room to everyone!"

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Why Should You Choose Our DIY Porch Enclosures?

Industry-Leading Warranty

Our warranties protect every aspect of your enclosure from installation to years down the road, so you’ll enjoy the peace of mind you deserve for your investment.

Local Community Focus

We first opened our doors right here in New Jersey, so we know how to create enclosures that will look great and stand strong against the worst of the weather, through every season.

Custom-Made Products

We offer a wide range of color and style options, so you can find the perfect fit for your space. Our enclosures are custom made to fit any application, including decks, patios, porches, and balconies.

Low-Maintenance Designs

Instead of glass, our patio enclosures feature durable, crystal clear FlexiGlaze, which is resistant to dust, dirt, water streaks, and more. It’s also more affordable than glass!