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NJ 3 Season Rooms

Most New Jersey homeowners can only enjoy the outdoor spaces around their homes when the weather is fine, but porch enclosures that transform the porch into a 3-season room will extend the time you’re able to enjoy your outdoor living areas!

DIY Porch Enclosures designs and fabricates attractive and durable 3-season rooms using our exclusive FlexiGlaze. This unique material has many benefits that make it superior to glass—and we’re happy to take the time to explain all the details.

Our easy-to-install system—4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures—gives you both a screen room and a 3-season room in one! By simply sliding the stacking windows up or down, you can choose between enjoying the breeze and keeping out the weather.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your home with a 3-season room or enclosed porch, our affordable, stylish, and durable DIY system is the best option!

Exclusive FlexiGlaze for High Strength

Can’t decide between a screened room and a 3-season room? Our durable, metal-framed porch enclosures give you both. You’ll choose from three screen options: fiberglass screens, BetterVue screens, or ultra-durable super screens. Next, you’ll be able to customize the design details of your 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures with FlexiGlaze. 

Some homeowners wonder whether our porch enclosures are sturdy enough—until they learn how incredibly durable our FlexiGlaze is! It's virtually indestructible, as we demonstrated during our strength tests by having a 250-pound man jump on it—and no damage occurred.

The FlexiGlaze can easily withstand impacts from golf balls, hail, and other debris without sustaining damage. That’s a benefit you won’t get with glass.

We have four FlexiGlaze options that you can choose according to the amount of light you wish to allow in, ranging between 40% and 92%. No matter which you prefer, all will block out 99% of harmful UV rays.  

Versatile and Beautiful Porch Enclosure System

Why else do New Jersey homeowners love our screened rooms? Other benefits of our porch enclosure system include:

  • Enclosing a patio with our system is much more affordable than with traditional glass enclosures.
  • Several colors are available to perfectly match your home aesthetic.
  • We also offer door systems with full-length hinges for added strength.
  • Impressive warranties cover our products.

Whether your goal is one of our screen porch enclosures or a 3-season room, we can help.

Learn More About Our Quality 3-Season Rooms and Porch Enclosures

DIY Porch Enclosures helps you make the most of your outdoor space with our 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures. Call our New Jersey contractors today for more information about our quality DIY porch enclosures, or fill out our online form now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.