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NJ Balcony Enclosures

When you live in New Jersey, your time outdoors is often limited by bugs, rain, or cold temperatures. Our DIY balcony enclosures transform your space from one that can only be enjoyed a few months a year into one that can be used during three seasons.

An enclosed porch or balcony may seem like a luxury, and that’s why some homeowners put off investing in this type of project. However, the 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures system is much more affordable than traditional glass porch enclosures, yet it still provides impressive durability and style!

Our unique self-install system features FlexiGlaze, which gives you the look of glass but is much more durable and affordable.

You might be wondering: how durable?

In our strength tests, we had a 225-pound man jump on the FlexiGlaze, and NO DAMAGE OCCURRED. You can’t do that with glass!

The more you learn about the benefits of FlexiGlaze, the easier it is to see why this is the perfect way to enclose your balcony.

Custom Balcony and Porch Enclosure System

Our balcony enclosures are customized for each customer, so you’ll be able to choose the color, screen type, and level of light-filtering FlexiGlaze that you want.

In addition to being a custom system, it’s also versatile—providing the benefits of both a screened room and a full porch enclosure system. Switching back and forth from a screen porch enclosure to a 3-season room is as easy as sliding the stacking windows up and down.

If you’re enjoying the breeze and it starts to rain, it only takes a minute to slide the windows closed, so you can continue to enjoy your time in your outdoor space. Other benefits of our screened rooms and screen porch enclosures include:

  • Matching Door Systems with Full-Length Hinges
  • Secure Locks
  • Fast Installation
  • Blocks the Majority of Harmful UV Rays
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

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DIY Porch Enclosures has helped many New Jersey homeowners make the most of their outdoor space with our premium, affordable balcony enclosures and other porch enclosure systems—and we’ll do the same for you! Call today for more information about enclosing patio spaces, or fill out our online form now to schedule a no-cost consultation.