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NJ Deck Enclosures

Worried about the amount of bugs bothering your guests at a BBQ? Wondering if you can make better use of your covered deck? There is a solution to both issues in the form of enclosing your covered deck - an enclosure system to convert your covered space into a sunroom or screen room.

At DIY Porch Enclosures, we can provide a sleek, easy to install your custom deck enclosure on your New Jersey home. Convert your covered deck into a sunroom when you want to block the heat or chilly air and a screen room when you want to enjoy the outdoor temperature and breeze. All this with one innovative deck enclosure system, custom created by our design professionals and set up by our installation experts.

Deck Enclosures Made Easy in New Jersey

Rather than some generic enclosure for your covered deck, customers can order a fully customized deck enclosure system from our full-service porch and patio enclosure company. When customers contact us about their enclosures, we’ll set up an appointment with an enclosure system design specialist to create the perfect deck enclosure for you, and schedule installation by our local contractors.

Enclosure System Features and Benefits

You’ll also find that there are loads of additional benefits to opting for the 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures to convert your covered deck, such as:

  • Various Style Options: Our deck enclosures are made with an aluminum frame that is available with several color and finish options for a personalized look and style.
  • Several Door Options: We can also provide a variety of exterior doors types to allow convenient access. We offer cabana doors, in-swing doors, and French doors.
  • Impervious Flexiglaze: Your deck enclosure will protected you from bugs, wind, and hail by the innovative Flexiglaze windows. It's super durable, flexible, and strong enough to withstand the weight of a full-grown man.
  • Professional Installation: Our local contractors will install your deck enclosure with precision and efficiency so you can begin enjoying your new space.

Find Out More About Our Covered Deck Enclosures for New Jersey

If  you want more use from your covered deck and are ready to start designing your custom deck enclosure, contact our experts at DIY Porch Enclosures. We can provide everything from design assistance to installation. Give us a call to request your appointment with one of our local contractors right away.