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NJ Enclosed Patios

While you may have a backyard patio that you love using, it may not be possible to enjoy it very often. Your plans to spend some time outside may have a wrench thrown into the works by pests, extreme sun and heat, rain, or chilly air. There’s a way you can still enjoy the space and your view nearly every single day: Enclosed patios are a great solution for New Jersey homeowners.

Strong, Beautiful Enclosed Patios for New Jersey Homeowners

Enjoy the simplicity and strength of our enclosed patios. Even better, when customers choose us to design and install enclosed patios in New Jersey, they also enjoy these benefits:

  • Custom Designs: Our enclosures are also built with durable materials that are available with several different finishes to give you the look you want and style that fits with your home..
  • Superior to Glass: Our FlexiGlaze windows are virtually impervious to damage, available in different tints and with additional screen types for the windows – far superior to traditional glass patio enclosure windows.
  • Patio Doors: You have the opportunity to design your enclosed patio with one door or several points of access to your deck or yard – plus a variety of door styles to match the entire enclosure system.
  • Strength and Durability: Made of strong metal framing, your enclosed patio is engineered to withstand years of use by your family and abuse by mother nature, while retaining its beauty and ease of use.
  • Lasting Guarantees: Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty on the frames and 10-year warranty on the vinyl film in your windows.

Durable Better-than-Glass Windows

Unlike glass patio enclosures that can become difficult to open/close and are breakable glass, our enclosure system offers the lightness and convenience of a durable vinyl film. Also called FlexiGlaze, this film is so tough it can withstand the pressure of a full-grown man jumping on it without tearing. Yet, it returns to its original smooth, flat shape easily.

  • UV Protection: Our FlexiGlaze films also provide nearly 100% protection against UV rays. Your family can spend as much time as they like outside without worry about the sun.
  • Virtually Impervious: FlexiGlaze gives enclosed patios the ability to resist flying winds, hail impacts, and rain and snow. So, you can also enjoy this indoor-outdoor space in multiple seasons.

Full-service Installation of Your Enclosed Patio

With our local office in NJ, enclosed patio customers enjoy sitting back while our expert team of enclosed patio installers do the work. This ensures proper setup of quality products, typically completed in just a weekend, so you can begin enjoying your new space quickly.

  • Installation – Our local experts are installation professionals who can set up your enclosure properly and efficiently.
  • DIY – If you have the drive and confidence, you may opt for delivery and do-it-yourself installation of a DIY porch or patio enclosure kit.

For More About Our Enclosed Patios

Protecting yourself from the elements while also getting plenty of light and fresh air is a cinch with the 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures. Made from lightweight and resilient materials, these enclosures help New Jersey customers spend more time outside.

If you are interested in getting a new enclosed patio installed in your covered space, give DIY Porch Enclosures a call today. We can also arrange nationwide delivery of our products!