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Get a Hassle-Free Warranty on 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures

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At DIY Porch Enclosures, it’s our goal to provide customized porch enclosure systems that are free of manufacturing or material defects on arrival. Your investment in 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures will be protected by a series of warranties on different components.

These warranties are as follows:

  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Aluminum Components of the Frame and Sash Members
  • A 10-Year Warranty from the Date of Installation Against Blistering, Peeling, Cracking, or Chipping of the Powder Coated Paint Finish
  • A 10-Year Warranty from the Date of Delivery Against Material Obstruction of Vision and Cracking of the Vinyl Film Provided the Film is Conditioned Annually with Vinyl Cleaner
  • A 2-Year Warranty from the Date of Delivery on the Material Only of the Screen and Moving Parts 

Conditions of Warranty Coverage

4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures products feature materials, like memory vinyl film and aluminum framing, that do not react well to harsh chemical solvents. If the frame, components, or windows are cleaned with harmful chemical solvents, it can cause damage to the material that is not covered under warranty. Applying harsh solvents will also void the warranty.

The warranty will become null and void if you paint or coat the frame in any way or if you apply any aftermarket part to the frame or windows.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows

Please do not use any bleach or ammonia on the memory vinyl film. Nor should you wash it with a pressure washer. These acts will also null and void the window warranty. Safe and acceptable options for cleaning the vinyl include:

  • Specially Formulated Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative
  • A Mild Solution of Woolite and Distilled Water

You can also remove loose sand and grit from the frame and vinyl using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

Learn More About Our Warranty Coverage

If you are interested in learning more about our warranty coverage on 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures, or if you'd like to get a free quote for a new enclosure, call us today. We’ll be happy to explain more about the system and how to maintain it. You can also request more information by completing our quick online form now.

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