There are many choices to make when enclosing a porch on your New Jersey home. From the size of the enclosure to the type of windows used, you'll have a lot of fun picking out the features for this new room. 

One option to consider are FlexiGlaze windows. These four panel windows are constructed with memory vinyl, an extremely strong and flexible vinyl film. It offers multiple benefits for homeowners who are looking for a strong, lightweight product for their properties.

Flexible Enough to Take a Hit without Breaking

One of the best features of FlexiGlaze is its ability to bend and flex under pressure. It won't break easily when something hits the window. Instead, the vinyl film will flex inward and return to its original shape. 

While some types of glass are resistant to breakage, they lack that flexibility that allows FlexiGlaze to give without breaking.

Lighter Weight Product that Puts Less Stress on Your Building

Since FlexiGlaze is a memory vinyl, these windows won't add substantial weight to your enclosed porch walls. In fact, these windows are so lightweight, they can easily be lifted out of the frame and placed in again by the homeowners.

Glass Creates Broken Shards When It Breaks!

If your glass windows do break, small pieces of glass will end up everywhere. Even if you have tempered glass or hurricane glass windows, some pieces of glass will go flying only to be discovered later when you're cleaning up the home. 

FlexiGlaze windows don't have glass in them. There's nothing to go flying should the plastic pane ever break. 

FlexiGlaze is Less Expensive than Glass Windows

Balking at the cost of new windows for your patio enclosure? You can get many of the same protections offered by glass in the FlexiGlaze window for much less expense too. FlexiGlaze windows help save you money on the initial installation, shipping costs, and they are backed by a 10-year product warranty.

Learn More About FlexiGlaze for Your NJ Area Patio Enclosure

If you are ready to learn more about our enclosed porches and FlexiGlaze windows, reach out to 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures right away. Our New Jersey contractors can go over the benefits and features of FlexiGlaze with you during a free consultation. 

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