A three season porch enclosure is the perfect place for entertaining or just chilling out. However it can also have another function - a hobby room for enthusiasts of all sorts. It's a great place to enjoy crafting and time to yourself.

One aspect of a three season porch enclosure, like the ones by 4 Track By DIY Porch Enclosures is that they let in a lot of sunlight. This is great if you're doing intarsia knitting patterns or complicated crochet ones. You can also get their memory vinyl film panels in tints , from light and dark greys to bronze which screen out harmful glares. This shading is also perfect for diamond painting, a kind of tile work that requires natural, glare free lighting. It's good for beaders too, who need good lighting to create beaded banners and decorations. Another use for the three season porch enclosure is space. Embroiderers will love the extra , airy room to put their embroidery stands which can take up several feet. The light is also perfect for illuminating such complicated stitch work as French and bullion knots along with satin and detached chain stitches. Keep in mind extra yarn and thread can easily be stored in the enclosure as well.

The three season porch enclosure is also a good spot for putting up a puzzle table. Families can work on a fun, thousand or two thousand piece one at any time of the day. This is the perfect rainy  summer day or night activity done in a cool, breezy room. The enclosure can also be turned into a game room, perfect for entertaining the kids while keeping them out of their parents' hair. Teens and tweens can hang out here , away from the rest of the household.

Call 4Track By DIY Porch Enclosures or fill out our online form for information on how to begin on your new hobby room. It's the perfect place to have fun and get creative.