Many homeowners balk at the idea of installing a three season porch enclosure. Their reason? It's too much work to keep clean. However that's far from the truth if you install one of 4 Track By DIY Porch Enclosures. The company makes hassle free ones that are a snap to clean and maintain.

The panels will get dirty, thanks to rain and pollen. Yet the screens and memory vinyl can be easily washed and cleaned All you need is a Swifter or a duster to clean the screens. The dirt first collects on the screens and then transfers to the vinyl after a rain storm.It's just dusting off the screens with long , broad strokes. The vinyl memory film panels easily come out. There's no effort or the need to have extra help. Once out both  sides are wiped with a wet microfiber towel that's been soaked in warm water. The dry microfiber towel is then used on them. What is great about  the 4 Track By DIY Porch Enclosures ones is that you don't have to use harsh detergents , ammonia, or bleach  to get them sparkling. The enclosure won't have any strong chemical odor lingering around after washing it.

You will have to buy a can of vinyl cleaner (which can be bought anywhere from Target to Home Depot) to preserve the vinyl. This keeps the memory film supple and gets rid of any water stains and can be done only once a year.

Maintaining a three season porch enclosure is a snap if you buy it from 4 Track By DIY Porch Enclosures. Call us or complete our online form for a free quote.