It's best to have some knowledge of a porch enclosure before you install it. Most homeowners want a three season room. It's not as expensive as a four season one yet can be utilized more than a two season one.

A three season room is perfect for Spring , summer and fall, especially if you live in a mild climate. However it's also perfect for northern climates because you can enjoy it from late March to late November. A two season room is fine if you're in California or Hawaii where winters are mild. Yet it's not as sturdy as a three season one. These will last, especially if you opt for one from 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures. They have a memory vinyl film that keeps out storms and pests, two things that can ruin a warm weather gathering or meal. The company's three season enclosure can fit onto any deck, patio or porch along with being installed onto balconies and verandas. Pricing is very good too. It's not as expensive as a four season room and anyone can afford this delightful addition to their home.  A three season  enclosure is also a fun project that the whole family can build together too.

A three season room is a good investment because you can use it for most of the year. Think about  adding one  to your home now.