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In New Jersey, many homeowners love the idea of an enclosed porch, but some are hesitant to invest in the cost of traditional porch enclosures. DIY Porch Enclosures offers a more affordable option that is just as attractive and durable.

If you’re a licensed contractor or home improvement supply company that wants to grow your business, we have exciting opportunities. Our 4 TRACK by DIY Porch Enclosures systems are stylish, durable, and surprisingly affordable, making it easier to convert homeowners who are thinking about enclosing their porch into buyers.

Every window and door is custom made, so you’ll be offering homeowners the chance to choose from many colors, screens, and FlexiGlaze options to create a space that provides the benefits of both a screen room and a fully enclosed porch.

FlexiGlaze is one of the features that set our enclosures apart from the competition. This unique material provides the same look as glass, but is much less expensive and much more durable. To learn more about this Innovative FlexiGlaze Technology click here.

Grow Your Business with Our Premium Porch Enclosure System

If you’re looking for the next service to offer your customers, this is it. You’ll enjoy an impressive profit margin on our FlexiGlaze porch enclosures while also providing great value for your customers. Plus, our porch enclosure systems are a product that is easy to install and that you can be proud to offer.

Some of the benefits homeowners enjoy when enclosing a patio with our porch enclosure system include the following:

  • Homeowners won’t have to choose between screen porch enclosures and full enclosures; our system provides the benefits of both.
  • Our screened rooms and full FlexiGlaze enclosures are more affordable than traditional glass porch enclosures.
  • Installations are completed much faster—great for you and appealing for the homeowner!
  • Unlike glass, FlexiGlaze will not be damaged by flying debris.
  • Several color options make it easy to find a look that complements a home’s other design features.
  • The stacking windows are very easy to open and close.
  • The systems also include a durable, stylish entry or French door with a secure lock.

Given benefits like those, it's easy to see why our products are an excellent addition to your current list of services!

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