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Interior FlexiGlaze Comfort Sash

Our secondary comfort sash with FlexiGlaze offers a stunning alternative to expensive window replacements while increasing energy efficiency.

Stay Cozy While Saving

No more winter drafts. Our secondary FlexiGlaze windows won't break the bank, while providing extra insulation to keep your home warm and your bills low.

Stay Cool while Saving

Just as our windows protect from the winter drafts, they also protect from increased heat in the summer. Keep your home cool while saving on your bills.

Noise Reduction

Reduce the disturbances from busy streets, neighbors, birds and planes.  

Earth Friendly

Make a difference while saving! Our interior comfort sash with FlexiGlaze enhances energy efficiency, leading to increased savings and a greener planet.

Year-Round Comfort

Stay comfortable no matter the season! Our interior comfort sash will seal out winter drafts and summer heat, all while maintaining a perfect indoor feel.

Porch Conversions Interior Comfort Sash with Innovative FlexiGlaze Technology (IFT)

  • Enhance comfort and warmth by eliminating drafts
  • Decrease energy expenses
  • Economize on heating and air conditioning costs
  • Exclude cold, dust, pollen, and smoke effectively
  • Convenient, straightforward, and cost-effective solution
  • Effortless installation, completed in minutes
  • Quickest delivery in the industry
  • Secondary window inserts you don't ever need to remove
  • Rapid custom fabrication for any sized window
  • Double hung, picture, and Georgian designs available
  • 6 different colors available
  • Easy and fast to order

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