Frequently asked questions

What frame and FelxiGlass colors do you offer?

What screen types do you offer?

What options are available with 4TRACK?

- Twin and triple unit options to allow opening as large as 12' feet - Sunscreen options - Frame and vinyl color options available - Factory rolled in screens - Outside or inside mount frames - 3 or 4 vents options available

How versatile is the ventilation?

Different days require different types of airflow. Our window sliders easily move up or down allowing you to create your preferred ventilation. Put all the windows down to maximize the breeze. Close them Completely to keep it warmer. Or, leave them somewhere in between. Your room will adapt to your exact need.

What types of doors do you offer?

(FULL VIEW OR 4 TRACK) Standard Size Custom Size Standard Widths: 32", 34", 36" Standard Height: 80" Includes: Black Mortise Hardware, Lock Set, and 1 Closure Threshold (Adds 1" to O/A door height) PREMIUM CABANA DOOR OPTIONS Hardware kit includes black hydraulic closer(s) and zinc-plated chain kit. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: In-Swing door up-charge (requires threshold) French Door Kit (Requires 2 doors) Extra Closer Premium Screen

What are the hardware options?

Brass Handle Set w/Additional Closer Satin Silver Handle Set w/Additional Closer Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle Set w/ Add Closer Hardware Warranty: 2 years on operation and finish. Note: In-swing handle sets are black with door closure, ensuring the closer, bracket and handle all match. If another handle color is ordered, the bracket and closer will be black.

What is 4TRACK?

- Custom made to fit any opening - Units easily open to 75% ventilation - Panels can be removed and stored for 100% airflow - Four easy sliding vents - Full fiberglass screen - Memory vinyl film returns to its original state in seconds! No glass to break!

What is Memory Vinyl Film?

Vinyl film glazing is made for a room that is lived in. Our glazing can be hit or leaned on by a child or pet and still maintain its form. With this patented technology, you'll never have to worry about golf balls, baseballs, or hail damaging your window.