Second homes are always a great getaway, especially when they're ocean or lake side. Imagine making them more of an escape. How? Add a three season porch enclosure.

4 Track by DIY Porch  Enclosures can help you turn that simple second house into a waterfront luxury. Order now and you can receive the materials in four to six weeks , the fastest turn around time of any porch enclosure company. They'll come around mid-April, the time when most people are opening up their beach and lake houses. Another plus is that the enclosures come with  sturdy vinyl memory film that can keep out sand and wind. You can get the enclosures tinted too which is perfect for protecting furniture as well as keeping the room cool.

Adding a three season porch enclosure to your second homes has many bonuses. It will be the perfect rainy day hang out for the kids.  You can also use it for a spare guest bedroom by just adding a day bed or convertible couch. A three season porch enclosure also extends the yearly usage of your summer home. You can enjoy the house well into November and come back in late March for weekend getaways.

Think about adding a 4 Track DIY Porch Enclosure today  to your second home. Call them at 908-228-9600 or visit their website at to start the ball rolling on your getaway house's three season porch enclosure.